Customized designs

are available for

luxury hotels, spas,
fitness centers
and specialty boutiques

Unique features

Specially patented features of the YOKOangel footwear include:

Extra comfort due
to the 15mm (0.59 inches)
memory foam insole

Maximum flexibility due
to the upper
and outsole materials

Machine washable

High grip,
rubber outsole

Folds for easy

Patent Numbers

Exclusive rights:

Registered Community Design
Nos. 002752725-001, 002752725-0002

Design Patent pending No. 29/551,716

Back 3D circle logo

Customization is available as a 3D logo mold, in a variety of colors, placed on the back, ankle area of the shoe. This feature is also available in print.
Logo diameter is 1.8 cm (0.708 inches).

Outsole bottom deep logo

Logo customization is available on the outsole as a mold or laser cut into the sole.

Insole logo

Custom, embroidered fabric labels may be ordered with the company logo and stitched into insole.
A variety of colors and label sizes are available.


Each pair of YOKOangel footwear is packaged in a 100% terrycloth
cotton drawstring bag. Drawstring bags may be embroidered with
custom logo designs in your choice of color and size. Footwear may
also be pack age in boxes, polibags or plastic bags, upon request.

Size range

Standard sizes include:


EU 35 to 42
US 6 to 10.5


EU 40 to 46
US 7.5 to 11.5


EU 28 to 35
US 10.5 to 3